Covid has pushed the button for radical change in the use of talent & Human Resources.

Laws will have to change and accommodate temping, project based employment, removal of age bar etc in all areas of employment – blue & white collar; from back room to board room; services, agriculture, industry; old economy or new;

Beyond minimum wage & some Pension / healthcare provisions the laws should allow a flexible hiring & contraction of work force.

@ #contractmanager CEO works very well in certain areas & I have been on such roles very successfully since 2014.

Start ups & their investors want experienced Corporate leaders to help set up the organisation that can handle the scale as the business grows rapidly. Co founders May also require mentorship / coaching & handholding to build their leadership skills quickly.

Similarly Businesses in transition and Legacy businesses need turnaround shamans and a variety of specialists for short duration projects. Transition contracts roles are perfect – flat payouts; clear timelines & outcomes; deliver and move.

Something like Prop 22 (Proposition 22 a law recently introduced in California) is the need of the day in India too.

Love to hear about your views.

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