Kaizen™ Adult Learning is a set of patented Soft Skills Programs suited for various management levels and age profiles. The programs cut across functions and are sector agnostic in structure, but with scope for plugging in modules that are Industry, Company & geography specific.

Kaizen™ Adult Learning Programs cover a variety of People & Talent Management issues & provides participants with practical tools that they can use in day-to-day work.

Communication Skills:

For Customer facing Executives in Sales, Support, Distribution, Logistics, Collection and Public Services; Applicable to sectors like Retail, FMCG, Consumer, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Hospitality & Utility Services, DSA/DMAs & other 3P Service Providers

People Management:

For all those who manage people directly & remotely

Gender Diversity Programs:

Programs cover topics like – Managing Mixed Teams /Harassment at the Workplace/ Tapping the other half