CSR Consultants in India

India may soon become the first country in the world to mandate by Law a binding Corporate Social Responsibility activity for every Company (of a certain Revenue size) under which organisations shall have to set aside upto 2% of its Profits for CSR initiatives.

This has heightened the need for a structured approach to implementation of socially necessary & obligatory initiatives amongst the Corporates.

However most Organisations in the Corporate sector are unable to take off due the following constraints:

  • Lack of visibility of benefits to Stakeholders –Corporate, employees, Management & beneficiaries as CSR is seen as ‘charity’.
  • Not able to develop a robust mechanism for engagement.
  • Unable to enthuse and engage their employees in participation.

We enable Corporates to

  • Identify, implement and track CSR initiatives to maximise its effectiveness
  • Integrate it with the Corporate Vision and goals
  • Leverage the products, services, networks & Employees
  • Create a sustainable impact through targeted activities.
Family Business Advisory

Our engagements involve employees which lead to organisational trasformation.