To enable students to understand India’s Business Environment and Economic scenario, we offer programs in Entrepreneurship & Business Studies, Global Strategic Marketing, Sourcing from India, Doing Business in India, Starting a Business in India.

All Programs are conducted in Bangalore, India which has excellent climate (14⁰ –27⁰) throughout the year.
The medium of communication, reference, Study material and courseware is in English (UK).

Custom Designed Programs are offered for student batches from College Consortiums as well as Individual Colleges & Universities from across the world.

We offer the following Courses;

India Business Studies (IBS): Covers India market dynamics – Consumer, legal, social, structural issues.

Cultural Studies & Immersion Programs (CIP): Covers Culture, Heritage, Dance, Music & Arts.

Ecology & Bio-diversity (CIP 03 EBD)

Gender Diversity (CIP 02 GD)

Indian Music (CIP 01 IM)

Indian Dance Forms (CIP 09 ID)

Indian Martial Art Forms (CIP 08 MA)

Yoga (CIP 07 Y) – Asanas, Pranayama& Dhyaana (Posture, Breathing, meditation).

Courses are available during Winter, Spring and Summer sessions. Please contact us for session and course details as they are subject to change.