In the context of current Business environment and more so in a post pandemic scenario, it’s imperative for Organizations, Institutions, business leaders, Employers, Employees and other stake holders to understand the Diversity Substratum on which the society is rooted.

Large organizational settings involve multiracial, Out of Towners and Young work force, Client base in many countries, Vendor Diversity and Local interactions. All these elements create a very diverse and complicated webs to be navigated on a day to day operations.

The most common but complicated dimensions of Diversity are Language, Religion, Gender, Disability, Age, Income disparity, Culture ( Food habits, Attires, Gestures and Body language), Racial, Geographical, Sexual Orientation. We at Kaizen Consult have been working and researching in this area for over 20 years across countries and cultures to understand and define Diversity and Inclusion and Present it in a Tangible Training Modules with measurable parameters to enable Employees, Leaders and stake holders of an organization to improve their Culture Competency Quotient.

Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Training

Diversity is all about various elements that make Individuals and Groups different. Understanding Diversity makes us culturally competent to respect this difference in people, the cultural settings where they come from and enables us to dilute biases in our own thinking. This leads to better people understanding, reducing conflicts and thus subtly and systematically nurturing productivity for corporations and individuality for employees.

This focussed training programs are designed and customised for clients after an in-depth study of client organization dynamics. We do deep dive for a few weeks to understand leadership, Employees and departmental dynamics to stitch together an effective Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Training Proposal to seed in the concepts and enable a broader mindset to accept change and translate that changed behaviour to Innovate & increased productivity for the Organization and a sense of well-being for individual employee.

Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Training Products

1. Psychology of Behaviour
2. Leadership Essentials
3. Leadership for Organizations
4. Riding the wave of Young India to build Culture Competencies
5. Customised Modules
Our D & I training programs are designed and executed based on the Country centricity with the Global Background. We have innovated the Concept of Culture Competency Quotient.

Who can undergo these training programs?

1. Employers of Large organizations
2. Employees of large organizations
3. People in transferable Jobs – Banks, Large Public Private Enterprises like major Oil Giants, other organizations with multi country and multi city geographies
4. Employees of Embassies and High Commissions
5. Students and Educators
6. Travellers