Employability Skills Program: ESP by Kaizen Consult

An intense immersion program for those serious in career building


Employability Skills Program

It is a workshop that enables students to understand what corporates look for in prospective candidates and acquire specific skills that helps them in pre-placement interviews and job hunts.

Students (First to Final Semester / year) – First job aspirants

All those in the job market who wish to enhance their employability skills

2 days full time. From 8 am thru 6 pm.

Participative exercises that enable you to

  • Know your true strengths and use it effectively.
  • Recognise your gaps & Overcome inhibitions to seek help.

Interactive sessions with Corporate Leaders for first hand understanding of the job market

Kaizen Consult’s Employability skills program has been curated by Top Notch professionals and include Psychologists, Marketing Gurus, IT Professionals, Active Corporate Managers & HR Professionals from Blue chip organizations as well as New age entrepreneurs.
  • Our research is specific to the Indian job market place
  • We capture the skills deficit on an ongoing basis and understand current needs.
  • We are actively engaged in Recruitments and Head hunting and therefore possess on ground information about availability of jobs, skills required and gaps in the aspirant candidates.
  • We are hired by corporates and Educational Institutions for Diagnostic and reskilling training
  • We help our clients develop their Organisation Culture, Image & Human capital.

This enables us to deliver a finishing program that works for every fresher / Job seeker.

Kaizen ESP does NOT offer ‘instant’ benefits. It provides you with the capability to build ‘lasting’ benefits from job entry to growth by showing you simple process that you can follow every day.

Kaizen ESP empowers you and upskills you for life.

  • Our Testing Products and Tools are relevant to the Indian Job Market.
  • Our Facilitators are multilingual and flexible. This ensures connect with students who find it easy to interact and open up.
  • Training content is based on real on-the-ground situations & current needs of industry.
  • Introduction to Employability skills
  • Identify, understand and learning the required skills
  • Job mapping to skills
  • Industry needs – what skills are employers really looking for
  • Reality Check – Taking stock of current Strengths and Challenges
  • Progress File
  • Developing Employability skills
  • Leadership Skills and Understanding personal styles
  • Specific skills training – Communication, Team working, Problem solving, Decision Making, Commercial and Techno commercial awareness, Planning and execution, Resume making and SOP Writing, Persuasion Techniques, Influencing & Numeracy.
  • Panel Discussions – with Professionals from Retail, Health Care, IT, Digital Marketing, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, E–Commerce, Hospitality, Sports & Fitness.
  • One on One Interaction with senior HR Professionals from across industries, Other Thought Leaders and Young Entrepreneurs with “My Story” inspirational Talk.
  • He / she has a clear understanding of his/her skills and how it is aligned to the job market
  • What are my gaps viz-a vis what an employer is looking for
  • What is my specific action plan to address my gap
  • Crisp Resume writing and SOP that shows up what you can do
  • An improved confident personality who can respond clearly in interviews and GDPAs.
  • How to connect to prospective employers independent of campus placement efforts.
Not to worry. This program is specifically designed to ensure you start getting comfortable with yourself first. It is a fact that 89% people around the world find it uncomfortable to speak in front of peer group – either due to language, proficiency or simply to think & speak simultaneously.

Yes you can. For specific areas of help like

  • One-to-One Mentorship
  • Introductions to Corporate Recruiters
  • Specific Soft skills upgrades (advance skills)