We provide two kinds of specialised Educational Services

‘Study in India’ Programs for foreign students

Business & Environment Studies, Strategic Marketing in India, Sourcing from India etc are a few courses offered to foriegn students to enable them to understand India’s business and Economic scenario.

Students interested in non-business areas are offered courses about India’s Sociology, Gender issues, Indian Art, Music & Culture.

Programs range from:

  • 1-2 weeks for short duration ‘Orientation courses’
  • 10-30 week ‘Immersion Courses’
  • Longer term ‘Internships’ of upto an year.

Internships are arranged in relevant areas of interest, in Corporates, Social Sector Organisation and NGO’s.

Bridge programs for Students in Indian Colleges

This is an Intervention program providing appreciation courses and Enhancing Soft skills in students pursuing undergraduate courses in any stream.

The objective of these courses is to align the students to the job market and make them (a) Aware and (b) better prepared to meet the potential employer with a good understanding and appreciation of the environment and thus enhance their employability.

The current situation of Colleges and Universities bringing in Guest Speakers on a ‘one off’ situation with a few hours of one way communication by the ‘Guest Expert’ does not enable the student to understand industry or its working in any clear manner nor enable him / her to either identify, enable or align their skills to the job market.

The bridge programs shall enhance Communication skills, Increase effectiveness during Interviews beyond GDPI and enable a better grasp of the Job Roles beyond Designation and Understanding of various Industries, Sectors and the opportunities each offer.

Aptitude Assessment, Role Plays and interaction with Corporate Managers as well as internships are provided as part of the program methodology.

Programs are offered to students of Colleges through Institutional tie-ups.