360⁰ Execution Support

Creating & Implementing the mechanism for engagement – fund management, resource allocation, employee engagement & mobilization, identification of the area of activity, fund flow to designated projects; benefits to micro target groups in specific Geography, identification of NGO’s and other grass root level partners. We take responsibility for implementation and delivery.

Eg: If a corporate has chosen – a) literacy as the area (b) implementation geography is neighbourhood(c) target group is Children & Women & (d), intervention action is to facilitate; then – we help identify the target group , bring in implementation resources – volunteering employees, local community, NGO’s etc

Identify the target group children & women, identify the actions –eg: augmentation coaching or a day care for infants so that their elder siblings can go to local school instead of minding the infants when their parent/s go to work or set up a library with books, organise volunteer teachers for evening classes, space for the same etc along with corporate support, funding etc.

Monitoring & Feedback

Once the program is launched, we set the monitoring exercise in motion – thru’ field workers, Volunteers and Interns from various universities within India & overseas. Regular feedback of the ongoing programs is generated to enable the client to understand the dynamics at the ground level. In case of change in the implementation Pattern, suitable mechanism is enabled to drive the change and measure the outcome.

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